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Seth Darnall went to a few art schools then graduated with a BFA from The University of the Arts. I think he only did the Art School thing because he felt it would mask the fact that his math and words were pretty substandard. After graduating he loitered, procrastinated and generally seemed to languish in an endless malaise that many graduates seem to find themselves in. So what happened in his life that ignited his artistic ferocity? I suppose it was a mixture of love, loss, comfort, discomfort and the waking urge that vocationally he was created to reflect in some manor the creative nature of God. I think Seth felt he owed it to himself and his creator to explore and discover what it meant to be the person he was through art. Mostly acrylics, because they are immediate and if there is any word to describe Seth well, it would be impatient. 


Seth is also the curator and co-founder of Fire & Air Gallery. Unlike traditional galleries, Fire and Air does not limit it’s footprint to that of any particular brick and mortar institution but instead focuses on bringing art out into the community in a way that is more inclusive, visible and accessible. Through Pop-Up shows and installations, Fire & Air continues to evolve, finding new ways to engage it’s audience.

"It's a weird thing to be an artist. I've only recently felt comfortable calling myself that after I've decided that it's not a title that qualifies actual talent. I mean, I can't really say that any of my work has any objective merit, I just have to explore the vacancy of an empty canvas. I hope that each time I paint, a new hidden truth reveals itself. It's the thrill of discovery. It's the thirst for identity and revelation. It's an odd compulsion that borders frequently on vanity and that's where failure hides as vanity only sets up wild misconceptions of your true voice. It's a weird thing to contemplate the hours spent in frustrated agony over the mess being made on a perfect white canvas. But as desperately as I need to breath, I need to paint." -SD

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